The most essential card in the game is, of course, the gladiator himself. The game comes with sixteen unique gladiators, four of each style and level of ability, with other add-on gladiator types available for those who wish to expand their stable of fighters.

Here we see DUROS, a murmillo (his style) and a secundus palus, a "rank" that designates him as one of the best of his kind.

ATTRIBUTES: Duros has very good "Attributes": Control, Movement, Hit Points, Strength, Agility, Stamina, Accuracy, Intellect, Intimidation and Fate; all rated above average. Each of these attributes will come into play during the game and help determine, literally, whether a gladiator lives or dies.

ARMOR: the armor you see in the picture is historically accurate in both placement and illustration. Sixteen locations are rated, with the number indicating how much damage will be absorbed by the armor should a blow land in a specific area. For example, the murmillo's right thigh is vulnerable, with no armor to protect it; where the murmillo's sword arm is covered and can mitigate (3) points of damage.

When a slash appears (4/0) the number before the slash indicates that the large shield carried by the murmillo protects that area. However, if the murmillo loses his shield for any reason, the area becomes a (0) and unprotected.

Of course, armor isn't the only way to avoid damage. Each gladiator has 8 to 10 style-specific defenses to aid in damage prevention, like: Duck, Dodge Left/Right, Leap Up, etc.

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