For every attack there is a defense, some far more effective than others. Which one you choose is based on many factors but all the information you need to make a choice is on the card.

The top of the card parallels the top of the Attack Card: it names the gladiator type, has the "Defend" symbol for easy identification and describes the action, in this case the gladiator will try to duck under the attack and counter with his own weapon.

The following line indicates how close the opponent must be, how much Stamina will be used by the chosen defense, the chance of success (Agility +5) out of 1-20 and the attack must be HIGH, which makes sense if you're attempting to duck under it.

The next section indicates that the defense can be used against any HIGH weapon thrust or slash and also against a HIGH shield attack.

Special Conditions are cited in the black band: the gladiator using the defense must be standing and must succeed in ducking the attack if he is to have a chance at the second part of the Defend Card, the "Weapon Counter". On a successful duck, the RESULT instructs you on making the counter attack: you thrust at the opponent's mid-section, hitting on Agility + 6 and doing 1-4 plus 1 (2 to 5) damage, which can't be lessened by armor. 

The card ends with descriptions of both Critical Hits (on a 20) and Fumbles (on a 1)

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